Monday, July 22, 2013


     It has nothing to do with race, color or creed. His level of competence just doesn't qualify for Presidential behavior.
     No doubt about  his ability to read speeches as though they're coming from his heart, he's definitely a master of the trade and it is by far his greatest attribute. But the content is and has always been from the mind of his professional speech writers, and between him and them, none has the capacity to remember or care what was in the speech from last week.
     As well written as they are in presentation, they have not one lick of intended truth or sincerity, in what he reads from them.
     That's why he contradicts himself so much from one speech to the next.
     No one in his Administration cares, as long as they achieve their long range direction for this Country, which is and always has been, operating from the shadows of obscurity.
     While working for Kaiser Coal Company in Canada, (a branch of the Great Kaiser Steel Co. in the U.S.) we were introduced to "The Peter Principle". It involved the advancement of Officers and permanent Staff in the Company's ranks. It involved the mental capacity of individuals in their elevation to various levels of authority.
     Believing in investing a good deal of time and money into the training of these responsible individuals, paid off in the long run for the company's success in the future chain of command.
     It worked very well and as a result of the practices, everyone was content with the positions they ended up feeling comfortable in.
     It simply worked like this;
     As each employee advanced up the ladder to a position of authority, they were evaluated in that position for their competence and ability to operate well in that particular capacity.
     However, it's an established fact that all people have different comfort zones in what they do, and function accordingly. (I must point out there's no room for vanity Here)
     As the employee progresses up the ladder of success, they will reach the point where they are at the top of, or already have been raised one level too far above their mental capacity, and begin to perform under stress due to the position's demands.
     At that point, rather than lose the employee from the company, he or she is demoted back to the position in which they were most productive, but with no significant reduction in pay. It keeps everyone in every department happy in what they do, particularly the affected employee.
     The Company in turn, continues to function in harmony for the long term. Problem solved!
     From witnessing that experience, I can definitely tell you Barack Obama has found himself, in that undesirable position, and the Congress should lower him to the position he would be most comfortable in, with a broom in one hand, and a dustpan in the other. Give him all he wants for pay, but GET HIM THE HELL OUT OF THERE!!! Just sayin'.

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